Memoiristic Materials Collection

The Memoiristic Materials Collection encompasses records pertaining to memories of Communist Party members, veterans of the People’s Liberation Struggle in 1941-1945 and the post-war period, as well as captured Croatian soldiers and civilians from the Dubrovnik area during the Homeland War. Remembrances tied to the activities of the Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Struggle are recorded in 620 records of memoiristic character, while 220 gathered memoirs are from the Homeland War period.
These memories are most often statements made by captured Croatian soldiers and civilians from Konavle, Cavtat, Župa dubrovačka and the Dubrovnik Littoral who, from 1991 to 1992, were taken to prison camps in Morinj, Kumbor and Bileća. The museum has published two books under the title Sjećanja dubrovačkih logoraša 1991.-1992. (Memories of Dubrovnik Camp Internees, 1991-1992) in which these recorded testimonies from the Memoiristic Materials Collection pertaining to the Homeland War period have been gathered and presented. The Collection contains over eight hundred memoiristic records..

Collection manager:
Varina Jurica Turk, senior curator